Lindsay Holliday for U.S. House District 8


The Pandemic
I am a Healthcare front-line provider.
I have never shut down my dental practice during this CoVid crisis. Why?
Every infection and toothache that I treat in my office is one less patient going to and burdening the over-stressed Hospital Emergency Rooms systems.

My knowledge of human infections and disease prevention can help implement the national responses we need to win this battle against CoVid-19. My education and experience is much more useful knowledge than my opponent's whose vocation is selling over-priced insurance. Republican "leaders" just don't seem to care about fixing the pandemic problems.

US Constitution
I am a Constitutional Conservative.
I will not break my oath to our US Constitution.
My opponent has broken his vows. He is a Traitor to our Constitution. He has aided and abetted Trump's un-constitutional transgressions. See the comments of General Mattis (a Constitutionalist) vs Trump

Wake Up - America!

Trumpfeld (Steinfeld) Humor:
because, sometimes, you just need a good laugh!


(These questions were submitted by The Telegraph)

The district covers rural and urban counties all the way from Valdosta to Monroe County. What is the most significant issue your constituents face, and how do you plan to address it?

All bets are off if we lose the flag of our Constitutional Republic and our rights guaranteed under the Constitution. Never, since the Civil War have there been so many stress tests against our Constitution, and against the Rule of Law, as the past 3 and 1/2 years. Everything good we have taken for granted depends on people following the rulebook we call the US Constitution. If any President can make up their own rules, they can rule to take away anything or everything from the citizens. From Valdosta to Monroe County. Democracy is not guaranteed. It requires eternal vigilance. It requires all the people to stand up and follow the rules.

COVID-19 has severely damaged Georgia's economy. How do you plan to assist out-of-work Georgians, farmers and small business owners until the economy recovers?

The economy will not recover until we solve the pandemic. The pandemic will not be solved until we get the medical science right. The medical science is being misrepresented by the White House. Our US Congress has oversight of the Executive Branch. If the Senate had removed the President when the opportunity was in their power, we would be on a much different path now, under a different President.

There have been debates across the country regarding police brutality, racism, Confederate statues, etc. How do you plan to bring people together so we can have productive conversations on these issues?

Most Americans rightly feel as I do -- There are moderate pathways to advance our common interests. The Far Right and the Radical Left have been encouraged to fight in our streets by the Divider in Chief in the White House. The first step towards reconciliation of our differences is to [elect] send reasonable and responsible adults to Washington, DC.

If you could snap your fingers and pass one piece of legislation, what would it do?

Presidential candidates must produce their tax returns many months before the election, and they must put all their businesses and assets in a blind trust if elected.

Some voting rights advocates are pushing for systemic changes to our election system: automatically registering voters, sending absentee ballots to every voter, making the national election date in the fall a national holiday, renewing the Voting Rights Act, extending early voting, etc. Do you support some or all of these ideas? Why or why not?

There is no need to have a day off if voters can all vote from the convenience of their home, and mail in their ballots. Paper ballots and the US Mail have a proven record of being a very secure method of voting. We must renew the Voting Rights Act because, unfortunately, many powerful partisans will do almost anything to disenfranchise their fellow Americans. Automatic voter registration is obviously the most efficient way to register voters.

There are two military bases in your district. What do you plan to do specifically to support military personnel and their families, as well as veterans in your district?

My dental office has experienced firsthand the frustration of how poorly the VA treats the health needs of our retired military. I have many friends who are Veterans, and I would recruit them, to help me, to suggest changes to improve this situation. I understand, and I appreciate the importance of these bases to the strength of Georgia's Economy. I will request for the [ is going to be a Democrat..] Speaker of the House to place me on the Armed Services Committee where I can be a more effective advocate for our bases. As a Democrat, I would be in a much stronger position than a partisan Republican to advance Georgia's interests in the House.

Internet access has proved to be a necessity during the pandemic, both for people working from home and for students learning from home. How do you plan to improve internet access for rural and poor Georgians?

Internet SECURITY is far more important than Internet Speed. Hackers and troll farms and viruses and scams and spoofing and phishing and ...etc... are not only an annoyance and a theft of our time and money, but they are a threat to our elections and a threat to our National Security. I will probably oppose any expansion of the speed and growth of "The Internet of Things" until we get much better control of the critical security and the privacy of our Internet connections.